High Intensity Workout


I am telling you THIS IS THE WORKOUT SYSTEM for us overstimulated and busy moms! This type of workout system came to me after I had my third kid (three right under 4 years) and was running my own gym with a few employees and a couple hundred clients. The pressure was real! And in order to get in a workout I had to find a way that gave me what felt like an hour workout but in a lot less time. That is when POWER 16 Workouts became my thing. It's a workout from start to finish that takes only 16 minutes. It's a lifeline of mine and I always refer to it during busy seasons in life!

I have a workout plan that consists of 28 workouts that I am converting to English as I write this and will be available by summer 2024. It is available in Icelandic and soon also available through a monthly membership! Which will be amazing since I'll remind you of all these mini mental burdens that we all have piled up in our minds as well as motivate you to make working out and eating habits a weekly routine.

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Here is workout 27 out of 28! It’s a plan you can follow again and again and again. Try it, embrace it, love it, enjoy it and follow along to register for access through a monthly membership or the option to get unlimited access! (Available in English but summer 2024)

Start with a warm up. Set a EMOM timer, so 60 sec on, 0 sec off and 12 sets. The workout is a EMOM workout where you switch to a different exercise every minute and do 2 rounds. End with a 60 sec time cap finisher and then stretches. I used 2x8kg/17lbs dumbbells
1. Glute bridge
2. Front squat
3. Sumo high pull
4. Plank twist
5. Man makers
6. Sitting abduction + reverse table top
Finisher: 20x g2oh + 15 jump squats

I'm a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and pre- and postnatal exercise specialist with training experience since 2015 (owning my own training business since 2018)! I use to teach up to 20 group fitness classes per week when I owned my own Women's Only Gym in Iceland but have now moved entirely (at least for now) online helping hundreds with getting back on track with their health and home! Join us by registering for a monthly membership once it becomes available and I will make sure to pop up into your inbox with weekly motivation and reminders related to your exercise routine, food planning, meditations and your home! You will also get access to all my courses and plans that range from workout plans, to nutrition plans to home organizing plans and to meditations!

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