No matter what life throws at you there is always a way through.

Hi, I'm Sigrún Hákonardóttir

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This is my Story


Growing up it seemed like I was always in a hurry. It wasn't until I went into complete burnout that I really got to experience hands on how the mind/brain and body work. Also how it is to start and end a business...and start another. I have experienced the successful career, achieved the college degrees, the dream house, dream car, dream family... I have truly felt what it is like to "have it all", what it's like to lose what you poured your heart and soul to build, what it's like to be in the hamster wheel of life and what it is like to have no control of your body and mind. I relate to symptoms of neurodivergent (ADHD) even though I do not have a formal diagnostic. I have found systems and ways to function and they are all apart of my courses and plans. I also relate to symptoms of PTDS (feeling trapped in your mind and body) and what its like to live with and deal with chronic stress that effects not only how you sense your life but also your body. I've also felt what it is like to overcome what seems never ending and hopeless, what its like to get yourself out of the "gutter" life throws at you.

Now I’ve turned my knowledge and experience into online services that is easily accessible and broken them down to fit you. Eventhough we have not walked in the same shoes we probably relate on more levels than one. Register for my organizational courses to build a good foundations (organize your home - it effects you more than you know, get your habits in check and set up an overall system), go straight to a course related to Health and get a workout plan, meditations, nutritional guide for busy parents or course for your inner self. If you are thinking about starting your own business then check out my courses on Business (what to expect, how to start...)

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