Pepper Packed with Protein Snack

I'm stuffing my camera roll with all the foods I eat to make my Food Bank that is part of my Food Planning course look better and give my clients ideas when they make their own food plan!

Have you tried a pepper with cottage cheese?? It's so fresh, filling, has protein (at least 13gr since you need about 1/2 cup to fill up the peppers), gives you a fruit (even though I consider peppers to be a vegetable).

To my surprise my 2 yr old and 4 yr old loved this and asked for more. It was not my 6 yr old's cup of tea.

So easy to make: Cut a pepper and then add cottage cheese (I never liked cottage cheese but have become a huge fan the past years!) Then optional to add any spice you prefer. I like adding a little salt and lemon pepper.

Try it as your snack next time or part of your lunch and tag @fitbysigrun for a repost. If you want more ideas then register for my food planning course and/or 4 week re-start challenge to food planning! Available soon!