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Who is MOMENTUM designed for? MOMENTUM is for the overwhelmed, busy mom on the verge of burnout. But really, it’s for any woman who feels overwhelmed by life and is looking for a platform that offers practical hacks for exercise, meditation, diet, and home decluttering/organization! MOMENTUM shows you how "staying on track" is a system you can always rely on, no matter what life throws your way.

With MOMENTUM, you’ll have access to:

  • Five different workout plans, from low-intensity to gym plans
  • A simple dietary course
  • A home decluttering and organizing course
  • Recorded meditations to nourish your inner self

MOMENTUM is an online training system where I will stay in touch weekly, either via email or video group session. You’ll gain access to all the material included with this membership on my website or through the Kajabi app. Here’s how it works:

Monthly Setup:

  • Week 1: Set an intention for the month and register for one of my 2-week re-start challenges.
  • Week 2 and 3: Join live sessions where I share motivation or insights on various topics.
  • Week 4: Reflect on the month and take notes on your progress.

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